Problems Dealing with Surrenderees

Last Wednesday, the Center for Drug Education and Counseling (CEDEC) was launched to occupy the Oak Brook building of the Lions Club near a familiar landmark, the Garden Cafe, owned and managed by a foundation for the benefit of the deaf mute. I managed to visit the place the following day

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Profiling Surrenderees

For The Bohol Tribune In This Our Journey NESTOR MANIEBO PESTELOS PROFILING SURRENDEREES Whether you refer to them as surrenderees, as I do, or surrenderers, as some people do, the fact is that there are more than 31,000 of them here in Bohol and some 630,000 are all... read more

BLDF Founder, Nestor Pestelos wins Quezon Medalya Ng Karangalan

BLDF Founder, Nestor Pestelos wins Rapplers Enterprise Mover Award

Nestor Pestelos, founder of BLDF wins UPLB Outstanding Alumnus for Community Service and Local Governance

News and Updates

Citizens For Drug-Free Bohol

Our NGO, the Bohol Local Development Foundation, Inc. (BLDF), has launched an advocacy and fund campaign to support its new initiative, the Bohol Youth Livelihood and Drug Rehabilitation Assistance Project (BYLDRAP), to complement the operations of the newly-established Farm It Works Balay Kahayag (FITWBK), Bohol’s first drug rehab center.

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I consider Dr. Nestor as one of the key people who sowed the seed of Participatory Development in our island nation. We saw how dedicated and passionate Dr. Pestelos was in his mission to serve our people which inspired us to work harder.  Now we have democracy in our country.


Mohamed Hilmy

Undersecretary for Communication, Office of the President - Maldives

Filipinos don’t seem to be proud of their country but Nestor is different. He works with young people like me who don’t feel that the Philippines is a country one can be proud of. Being German, nationalism is a difficult topic for me because of World War 2. Nestor has helped me become more proud of my own country.

Dirtje Derksen

BLDF Volunteer, German student living and studying in Tagbilaran City:

In his desire to help the poor not only in his country but throughout the Pacific islands, Nestor  has worked hard to develop a data base that will allow development workers to identify communities in need of assistance and channel aid to this sector. The data base that he has developed has proven effective such that it has now been applied in a number of countries. He has devoted practically his entire life to the promotion of poverty alleviation and economic development.

Dr. Remigio D. Torres

Retired economist, Asian Development Bank

Nestor embodies the virtues of a genuine development worker. He has the passion for the betterment of the disadvantaged sections of the country and he possesses a strategic mind and approach to solve the problems that afflict them. He has the energy and the steadfastness to stay on course with any of his missions, despite obstacles.

Cecilio Adorna

Retired Senior UNICEF UN/Official